by Vodvile

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Vodvile's debut E.P Undercroft


released March 6, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Rohan Kumar, Broken Sound Studios
Mastered by Nagasaki Sound



all rights reserved


Vodvile Sydney, Australia

We promise groovy, punishing riffs, hell sent solos and a beautifully sinister voice.
Basically.. We don't dress to impress.

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Track Name: Paint the Grey
Look close into these eyes
The picture cannot be discerned
It's changing with the tides
You will never meet the man inside
You will never meet the man inside
The brush is still in motion
Doesn't stop to say hi
Painting over painting over collage over ice
I don't even know the man inside

Paint the walls to hide the blood
Paint the ground to hide the mud
Paint the sky to hide the rain
Paint a smile to hide the pain

I'll be a while I'm just painting the grey
I'll take my time I'm just painting the grey

I sew a mask onto my face
I wont have to show you my disgrace
I'll be alone before I
Scare you all off again
I will push all the world away
Into a field of paint I lay
I colour myself in to hide all the grey
Track Name: Ego Creep
I think it's time we entertain the guests
It's time to give them something to eat
Make sure the musics loud enough so nobody can hear them scream

Now you see me
Now you don't
You think that you'll see me
I know that you wont

We don't dress to impress
We know we own it
No approval to seek
Cause we don't want it
All the world is a stage
Roll out the spotlight
Plan to make a mess
No matter who can see

Another crack in the judges teeth
Another fingernail scratching on skin
Another witch sent to burn at the stake
The ashes still wont reveal the sins
Track Name: Playing With Worms
Have you ever wanted
To be something more
Have you ever wanted

Have you ever been so
Lost and so alone
Do you feel alone

The flame burnt out but a wick still remains
Cast a match my girl light the flames
Light the darkness and free that within
It's begging to come out on the devils grin
My whore my love my bride to be
Into Heylels arms and then you'll see
The weak man is dead in the ground and bitter the impaler is about with alcohol in his liver

Fuck it all
I'm no pleaser
Take it all

I know you've been so
Lost and so alone
I know you're alone

All we ever wanted was a place to call our own
I don't need no picket fence
No warm and loving home

What really matters anymore
I've never felt so great
I am telling you right now
You are all you need
Track Name: Skin
A bloody bitch of Sodom
A milky way
A drop of sweat from her tit
Is my champagne
A Queen of Christ licked stillborns
An eerie widows cry
Another crack in dead skin
At least you tried

Love it leave it or lose it
We abuse the ones we love
And if I got to choose it
I'd kill everyone and send them all to hell
Track Name: Song of the Wicked
Sound the alarm the end is nigh
That self destructive urge is crawling in

I'm gonna start a fire tonight and
I'm gonna do cocaine off her thigh

I'm gonna do bad things cause it's fun and
I'm gonna fuck a dirty Nun

Sound the alarm the clergies arrived
Supplying booze and drugs for all the youth

She tastes like cigarettes and whiskey
Her cheeks hold the gates to hell
Sodom and Gomorrah in fishnets and heels
A forbidden fruit
Is this a dream

If God is good
Then why'd he hide you from me
You can call me the Nile
If I can call you my Queen
Thy rod and thy staff
I bury deep in your tomb
You are the life and
I am the womb
Track Name: The Angry Note
Changing, always changing
yes I am changing all the time
No matter what I do
I can't make up my fucking mind
I don't feel like being different and
I don't feel like being the same
Don't want to be a golden boy and
I don't want to be sane

I'm a mystery to myself
And I don't ever want to know
If there's a sane man hiding underneath
I hope he'll never show
Don't bore me with your stable life
Don't bore me with your love
Don't bore me with your fairy tales
Of promises and doves
I don't believe you

I can't explain the things I do
I don't have a reason why
I'm just a fool that's passing through
With no message, no good lie
Don't bore me with your stable life
Don't bore me with your love
Don't bore me with your fairytales
Of promises and doves
I don't believe you